Oga Nordic


Package Design + Branding

A Work in Progress!

Merging traditional flavour + craft.


Popular in Nordic and Baltic cuisine and culture, berries represent summer, and the emergence of life. As a company rooted in tradition, Oga strives to capture the joys of northern summers with three distinctive berry jams and a DYI cross stitch kit. Lingonberries, cloudberries and blackcurrants are among the most unique and popular flavours in northern Europe. Rare in American supermarkets, these jams are great in desserts and savoury dishes alike. In addition, cross stitch is often used to embellish European textiles and traditional clothing. Using the provided lid as a template, users are able to explore cross stitch while indulging in our delicious jams! Our unique and sustainable design embraces the culinary, artistic and modern style of Nordic life while providing a culturally rich and inspiring experience.​


My Role

Research, Illustration, Data Visualization, Copywriting, Prototyping, Brand Strategy + product design 


4 Weeks (February 2020–March 2020)

Tools I Used 

Illustrator, Photoshop + Laser Cutter