Pocket Med 

Interactive Design

Pocket Med is a personalized medical application that allows users to organize their medical needs. The app is targeted towards men and women ages 50+ with increased medical obligations. Pocket Med aims to remind and inform users about their medical refills, appointments and contacts in one convenient application.

My Role

Research, Illustration, Copywriting + Prototyping



3 Weeks (November 2019–December 2019)

Tools I Used 

Illustrator + XD

The Design Challenge

To develop a mobile application that allows users to keep track of their medical needs through an interface that is simple and applicable to older audiences. 

Target Audience ➝

Pocket Med is men and women ages 50+ with increased medical needs. The target audience takes multiple medications and frequents a variety of doctors/specialists on a regular basis.

The Problem ➝ 

Users (especially older ones) may have a hard time remembering when to take medications, when to refill prescriptions and when they have scheduled appointments.

The Design Objective ➝

• User friendly and appeals to an older audience who may not be tech savvy


• A notification system that is effective and allows users to stay on top of their medical needs


• Allows users to put their medical needs first and have a system to refer to when they need help navigating their medical needs

Design Considerations for Target Audience ➝ 

• Large Type

• Simple Graphics

• Predictability through repetition and straightforward representations

• Simple navigation

General App Walk Through

"My Calendar" is a key element in the app that helps organize medical appointments and medication refills. To use the calendar, users select a date, and input their information into a simple form. Appointment dates are indicated with a yellow dot, and refill notices are indicated with a red dot. By providing this information to the users, they are able to plan out their schedules with their appointments in mind. 


"My Medications" is a personalized list of prescribed medications the user is currently taking. The list is personalized and tailored to the needs and requirements of each user. To inform users about refills, a notification system is set up to indicate if I medication needs to be refilled. Upon the notification, the user can choose to proceed with a refill. 


Users can add a new medication to "My Medications" and personalize the medication profile with a picture of the medication. This feature is useful if the user does not know the medical name for their medication and wants a quick reference. 


"My Profile" identifies and contains personal information about the user. The profile page is helpful for collecting the personal contact information or for those who are caretakers. 

"My Contacts" allows users to organize their medical contacts. The user can input information regarding certain offices or doctors. "My Contacts also provides the ability to call or get directions to the a medical office from their current location.