Good Days+

Bad Days 

Breaking mental health stigma at Sheridan College 

Good Days + Bad Days is a proposed mental health campaign which aims to reduce mental health stigma at Sheridan College. The project consists of a physical installation as well as various digital and tactile components to inform users about health services and self-care. 

Through engaging interactions and inclusive design, Good Days + Bad Days strives to help users feel apart of a supportive community that understands the complexities of mental health. 

My Role

Research, Illustration, Data Visualization, Copywriting, Prototyping, Brand Strategy, Wayfinding + Environmental Graphics 


Sheridan Health + Wellness Services 



8 Weeks (October 2019–December 2019)

Tools I Used 

Illustrator, InDesign + Photoshop

I am currently in the process of designing a series of digital interfaces for the campaign. Prototypes coming soon!