The Origins Of

the Ivory Trade 

➝ Information Design

The Origins of the Ivory Trade is an information design and data visualization project that explores the political, social and economic factors involved in the global ivory trade. The project consists of a four panel pamphlet and an interactive game that investigates the impact of the ivory trade and its effect on African Elephants populations. 

The project aims to inform viewers about the root causes of poaching and its global involvement through research driven design and visualization. 

My Role

Research, Illustration, Data Visualization, Copywriting + Prototyping



8 Weeks (October 2019–December 2019)

Tools I Used 

Illustrator, InDesign + XD

Interactive Game 

To create more depth and versatility, an interactive game was created to reflect the content of the pamphlet in a fun and engaging way. The game walks users through the life of an African Elephant, revealing the multiple layers and steps involved in the ivory trade.

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